Typos - bane of my life

Little things. Tiny errors of carelessness. A punctuation mark omitted or incorrectly inserted, a word misspelled. Which most people won't notice; and if they do, most of the time it won't matter. Except - some do notice! And sometimes it does matter!

The first of my two most recent typo sins: I left off a quotation mark at the beginning of a quote on a brochure of Wild Sage Press books. My ruler had become an extension of my arm as I measured and re-measured to adjust spacing so everything would line up neatly; I read and re-read to correct all those glitches that pop up unexpectedly. But apparently, as occasionally happens, in the process of fixing one error, I caused another error. The quote mark was there in the previous draft, and somehow in the final copy it wasn't there, and that was the version that got printed. Sigh. My howl when I discovered the mistake would have shattered eardrums if it (the howl) hadn't been internal. Not a major catastrophe. Not a misplaced decimal point that might have cost millions of dollars or lost lives, not a spelling error that would cause an inappropriate ingredient to be used in a recipe. But still extremely annoying for a perfectionist like me. 

My second most recent typo sin: This one I didn't notice myself. I was alerted by my husband Evan, who called up the stairs to my top floor work space to tell me I'd misspelled someone's name in the most recent issue of The Wild Sage Breeze. I'm embarrassed to say my first reaction was, ignorance is bliss, I wish he hadn't told me! I'm over that now, all I am is embarrassed, and am sending psychic apologies everywhere. 

Then there are all the recent near misses, like  putting my childhood phone number down instead of my current one (caught by the eagle-eyed Wild Sage Press design consultant)...but I think I'll stop here so as to minimize the potential for yet more typos. (I'm tempted to put one in on purpose in this blog but chances are I've made one or more accidentally. If you find any, you don't need to let me know!)